Body dysmorphia occurs when one obsessively believes that a body part or appearance is severely flawed, and then wants to somehow hide or fix it. In today’s appearance-obsessed culture, body dysmorphia is on the rise. A growing number of kids spend lots of time worrying about perceived flaws in their appearance. These so-called flaws are typically exaggerated, and usually unnoticeable to others. One new type of body dysmorphia has been labeled “bigorexia.” The opposite of anorexia where a person obsesses over being fat while wasting away to nothing, bigorexia is marked by an obsession to be bigger, bulkier, and more muscular. Teens navigating bigorexia focus on muscle and developing six-pack abs. They lift weights obsessively and oftentimes resort to the dangerous practice of ingesting steroids. If you suspect that a child you know is suffering from any kind of body dysmorphia, secure the help of a qualified Christian counselor who has training and experience.