Our kids are growing up in a day and age where it is seen as normal and right to determine your own borders and boundaries for what you believe is ethically right, and what you believe is ethically wrong. The individual is sovereign, with one’s feelings determining morality. One recent example of this comes from music star Billie Eilish, who appeared on the cover of this month’s edition of Vogue magazine. Under Eilish’s seductive cover photo was a quote from her interview with the magazine. Her words serve as a reflection of our culture’s current motto: “It’s all about what makes you feel good.” Morality is now based on one’s intuition, which can change from moment to moment. We’d do better to take the advice of G.K. Chesterton who wrote, “Right is right, even if nobody does it. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is wrong about it.” It our responsibility to take our kids into God’s Word, where we learn the truth about what’s really right and what’s really wrong.