Parents, I want to share a warning with you today. It’s a warning that comes from an unexpected source. Twenty year old chart-topping musician Bille Eilish was recently a guest on the Howard Stern radio show. During the interview, Eilish talked about the effect that pornography has had on her brain and her life. She says she started watching pornography when she was eleven. She went deeper and deeper into the addiction as she grew older, and it completely misshaped her view of sexuality. It has caused her to suffer from sleep paralysis and night terrors. She confessed a host of other consequences as well. She says, “I’m so angry that porn is so loved. Parents aren’t paying attention and this will effect kids for the rest of their lives.” Parents, when it comes to your kids seeing porn, it’s not a matter of if, but when. Talk to your kids now about God’s good design for sexuality, and how pornography will undo not only God’s good design, but their very lives.