Boys and Eating Disorders

A study published late last year in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that there has been sharp increases in the rates of hospitalizations for boys with eating disorders. This is news that we all must pay attention to, as historically, eating disorders have been portrayed as a disease of adolescent girls who desire to lose weight out of concern for their appearance. This is not at all surprising considering the body image pressure that marketing and social media continue to ramp up for our girls. But researchers are telling us that body image pressures on our boys convince them that they need to bulk-up with muscle. Medical professionals have labeled this as bigorexia. Not only is this a spiritual issue related to a misplaced sense of identity, and idolizing muscles, but it causes low heart rates, abnormal blood markers, and suicidal ideation. God calls us to have no other God’s before Him. This includes the idolatry of self. Teach your kids to honor God above all else.