One of the trends you can’t miss if you’ve spent any time watching professional football is the increasingly common practice of displaying boastful and arrogant behavior. Whether it’s a quarterback sack, an interception, running for a first down, or scoring a touchdown, there’s usually that moment where the player hops up and flexes their muscles in a pose that seems to say, “I told you! Don’t ever mess with me!”. Seen in the past as a vice, bragging has now become something seen as expected, normal, and even virtuous. Whatever happened to a quiet humility? Last year, the folks at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary recognized this trend by adding a new and additional definition for the little four-letter word “Flex”. The dictionary tells us that “flex” is now an internet slang word defined as an act of bragging or showing off on social media. Let’s teach our kids that we must die to ourselves, and then humbly find our value and worth in who we are as new creations in Jesus Christ.