With bullying being an issue for so many kids in today’s world, we need to be sure that our churches are building a youth ministry setting that’s safe. As a step towards making this a reality, counselor Julie Lowe offers the following advice. “First, leaders need to ask themselves, am I observing and actively building the dynamics of the group? Do I know who the outsiders are? Am I building cohesion along with a positive and supporting atmosphere. Second, leaders need to realize who is coming to the group and what they struggle with. There could be kids who struggle with cutting, homosexuality, or promiscuity. Some of these kids may be outsiders. They may experience bullying, either in the youth group or at school. Unless there is a safe and supportive atmosphere, none of these struggles will surface. You want struggles to surface so you can minister the gospel. Be sure your church’s youth group is a safe place for anyone to come, and not just safe for those who fit a certain mold.