In Galatians 6:2 we are told to “bear one another’s burdens.” As one who has had burdens to bear, I’m so appreciative of those Christian brothers and sisters who step up to hold me up and to help me carry the load. Parents, your kids carry many burdens as a result of living in a difficult culture. Psychologist Dr. Diane Langberg, offers some great guidelines on how to bear burdens that can be applied to burden-bearing with our kids. The first thing you must give is your time. You cannot know your child’s experience without an investment of time. Be with your children. Second, you must be committed to listening. You cannot know what the burden is and how it’s effecting your child unless you work to listen and understand. Third, you must endure. You need to wait, to last it out, and hang in there with your child. Sometimes, the burdens are so heavy that it takes a good long time for God to lift them. Finally, exercise the discipline of prayer. Be a burden-bearer for your kids.