I don’t know about you, but I’ve found YouTube to be a very helpful resource as I try to figure out how fix things around the house. In recent weeks I’ve used YouTube to help me change out the carburetor in my weed whacker, to change a bathroom faucet cartridge, and to remove the front bumper on our car. What would we do without YouTube?!? But just as we are able to gain good guidance from YouTube, it’s also a place that can steer us in the wrong direction, particularly in terms of our spiritual growth and development. According to the latest media survey from Common Sense Media, our kids say that if they were forced to choose, YouTube is the site they wouldn’t want to live without. Parents, we need to be aware that just as we can find answers to our home fix it questions on YouTube, our kids are going there and finding answers to what gives meaning and purpose to their lives. Limit and monitor their time. Talk about what they’re seeing. And teach them the life-giving truths of the Gospel.