Are you paying attention to the lies that are creeping in to the church? New Testament scholar and culture-watcher Dr. Michael Kruger points out that one of the most widespread of these false ideas says that Christians should care more about love and less about sex. This is one of the lies that our kids are hearing, believing, and living out the most these days. Kruger says, “From a rhetorical perspective, such language is quite effective. After all, it tells people what they really want to hear – you have all the sexual freedom you desire and, at the same time, you’re a good person who is all about love. It’s a complete win win. You can maintain any questionable sexual activity even as you congratulate yourself on your moral superiority.” One of the most alarming outcomes of this way of thinking is that when we as parents and youth workers speak about God’s glorious design for sexuality, we are seen as mean-spirited and cruel. Teach your kids that we are to care about both love and sex.