ChatGPT as Counselor

If you’re familiar with the growing world of Artificial intelligence, or AI, you have probably hear about chatGPT. This chatbot allows users to ask questions, and then get answers in a matter of seconds. Or course, this can helpful when you are looking to do things like find a particular product, plan a trip, learn how to fix and appliance, and find answers to trivia questions. But mental health professionals are sounding the alarm that many kids who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues are now turning to ChatGPT for counseling advice. There are many concerns related to this development. One in particular that I will mention here is that kids who do this are opting for a simulated relationship with a machine, as opposed to leaning into a real flesh and blood relationship for help and support. Parents, monitor your child’s mental health. Where there are issues, intervene with trustworthy pastoral counseling and help from a qualified Christian counselor.