ChatGPT, Kids, and School

Late last year, the American artificial intelligence research laboratory know as Open AI launched the ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot. Now if your head is already spinning over that last sentence, you’re not alone. Those of you who share my technical deficiencies regarding the cascading onslaught of new digital technologies are, like me, left scratching your head over what these things are, how they function, and how they will change our lives. Let me start with this: the GPT in ChatGPT stands for generative pre-trained transformer. Still confused? Let me share one way our kids’ lives are being changed by ChatGPT. Using the chatbot, a person can type in a request like the one we made here at CPYU: write an article on the Christian perspective on teen gambling. In seconds, a well-written and grammatically-correct paper came back. The concern now is that students will no longer do their own research and writing for school. Keep an eye on ChatGPT and your kids.