Just when you think you’re starting to understand the vocabulary words unique to teens, some new word comes along that leaves you scratching your head. The word is Chew-gee, and it’s spelled c-h-e-u-g-y. The word originated back in 2013 when Gaby Rasson was a student at Beverly Hills High School. She was looking for a word that described people who weren’t in step with the latest trends. Since she couldn’t find the right word, she made one up. People that are chuegy are out of date, not up with the latest styles, and trying too hard. Not surprisingly, the trend toward using Chuegy was fueled on the social media video app, TikTok, where kids were posting videos labeling people and things as cheugy. What’s cheugy and not-cheugy is purely subjective in today’s youth culture. And, as with all things style-related, what’s cheugy today might not be cheugy tomorrow. So, today we’re raising your parental awareness about this new word so that your vocabulary won’t be cheugy!