All this week we’re looking at helpful insights for Christian parents from Dr. Christian Smith’s research on how parents pass their faith on to the next generation. In addition to reminding Christian parents of the role that walking their talk plays in the faith formation of their kids, Smith has found a number of traits that are present in families where the Christian faith is passed on to kids. One of these traits is that during the normal ebb and flow of daily family life during the week, parents take the time to talk with their children about the Christian faith. Parents looks for opportunities to tell their kids what they believe, why they believe it, what the Christian faith means and implies, and why it matters to them. This is not a commitment to constantly sermonizing. Rather, these are natural, warm, and normal discussions on any number of topics. These parents welcome questions from their kids are especially good at opening the door for these conversations. Parents, we need to live and speak our faith.