Christmas, Toys, and Kidulting

Here’s little piece of market research that I find encouraging as we enter into this Christmas season when we exchange gifts in our families. Marketers have coined the term “kidulting” as the name for a growing consumer craze where adults are buying toys not just for their kids, but for themselves. In fact, the research from the toy association shows that this Christmas, eighty-nine percent of adults plan to buy toys for grown-ups on their list. In addition, forty-three percent of adults plan to buy toys for themselves. What’s encouraging about the data is that adults are also looking for toys that will bring their entire family together through play. This trend reminds us of years gone by when families would purchase board games to play together. In a day and age where technology, social media, and busy schedules tend to undermine the growth and health of our family relationships, this is a positive trend. Perhaps this year you can focus on purchases that foster the growth the of your God-given family!