Journalist Colleen Dilthey Thomas recently shared a story about a new teen social media trend that visited the family of a friend. It was Christmas morning and the family’s twelve-year-old son opened a gift containing a pair of athletic pants that had been purchased at a sporting goods chain. As the son removed tags from the pants and the pants pockets, he threw them to the floor. As mom picked them up she noticed that one of the tags wasn’t a tag at all. Rather, it was a card that showed a link to a snapchat profile. Curious and concerned, mom grabbed her phone and went to the link. There she found a young girl’s snapchat page. It seems that has actually been happening more and more as a growing number of tiktok videos show teen girls randomly stuffing these cards in the pockets of clothing on the racks. The goal is to get random followers. But what happens when someone with shady motives gets the card? Parents, let your kids know that this is risky behavior.