Several years ago I was in a Home Depot store when I saw all the  employees drop what they were doing and head to the doorways. I heard the walkie talkie of one employee who was hurriedly passing me bark out instructions on a “Code Adam.” In a matter of seconds I figured out the meaning of a Code Adam. I looked toward the garden center doorway and saw a woman walking briskly in with a smile on her face and a two-year-old boy in her arms. She was met mid-stride by a relieved mother whose little boy had wandered away and gotten lost in the store. Her panic relieved, the happy young mother cried tears of joy as she took her little one into her arms. As I watched the drama unfold I couldn’t help but think about kids lost to today’s culture, what it means to be spiritually lost, and our loving good Shepherd. The Bible tells us that he leaves the ninety-nine to go after one lost sheep. Parents, our focus needs to be on pointing our kids to the Good Shepherd.