I often hear youth workers say, “All I want to do is bring kids to Jesus.” None of us can argue with these intentions. We all want to see our children and teens come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. But we must be diligent in not only desiring our kids to come to faith in Christ. We must also realize that when that happens it’s not the end all be all. Rather, the hard work of discipleship begins. Coming to Jesus is the start of following Jesus. As you nurture the kids you know and love in the faith, remember these words from James Boice: “Without obedience there is no genuine Christianity. Those who are truly Christ’s sheep both hear and obey his call from the beginning and thus enter a life in which obedience is a chief characteristic. . . Following Jesus is not only a door to be entered but a path to be followed, and the true disciple proves the reality of his discipleship by following the path to the end. A true disciple is one who follows Christ to the end of everything.”