Parents, we need to use a  combination of words Jesus uses quite often in the Gospels with our kids. On several occasions he tells his listeners, “You have heard that it was said. . .” followed by a faulty belief of the time. Then, he turns conventional “said” wisdom upside down with one of his Kingdom sayings that point listeners to the way that it really is, or at the very least, the way that it should be. He does so by following up with “But I tell you. . . .” These words tell us alot about the prophetic influence we should be having on our kids. Cultural voices are loud and convincing. Our kids listen and follow. They need to be reminded that oftentimes what they’ve heard said  needs to be seen, heard, evaluated, and corrected by the “but I tell you” truths of Jesus. Parents, know what the culture is saying to your kids. Then look for ways to regularly help them hear the voice of Jesus and his “but I tell you. . .” messages. God’s Word is truth!