Is it possible that getting teens to read the Bible could actually move them away from God’s good order and design for sexuality? If they read an updated version of the Bible that is being released this month, that could happen. This update of 1989’s New Revised Standard Version is called NRSVUE. Many of the more than twenty-thousand changes are helpful as they are based on updated textual discoveries. Yet this new Bible project also aims to reflect what scholars call modern sensibilities. One concern is that the Greek word translated “men who have sex with men” has been changed to “men who engage in sexual immorality”. New Testament scholar Robert Gagnon says this change “gaywashes” the text to eliminate the clear reference to homosexual practice in I Corinthians 6:9. We must not change and conform the Bible to our cultural preferences. Rather, we must change and conform ourselves to God’s will as revealed in a properly translated Bible.