New research indicates that the negative mental health impacts of the coronavirus have been felt more significantly by women than by men. The percentage of women reporting worry or stress related to the coronavirus is fifty-three percent, while the percentage of men reporting the same is thirty-seven percent. For parents of children under the age of eighteen, fifty-seven percent of mothers and thirty-two percent of fathers say that worry or stress related to the coronavirus has had a negative impact on their mental health. The last year has been difficult, for sure. As more and more mothers have to bear the load of managing schooling along with all of their other responsibilities, we need to look for ways to support and encourage moms. Dads, you need to step up and help carry the load. Grandparents need to offer assistance. The Coronavirus has given us a golden opportunity to bear each others burdens. All of us need to rely on God to give us his promised measure of grace to carry us through.