Counter-Culture Kids

You be you is a current cultural mantra which encourages our kids to embrace, pursue, and become their authentic selves. Our kids are learning that to become their authentic selves, they are to follow their feelings and desires. In her recent book, Live Your Truth And Other Lies, Alisa Childers compares the cultural messages on finding one’s authentic self, with the Bible’s counter-cultural and life-giving guidance on God’s will for who we are to be. While the culture tells us to put yourself first, the Bible tells us to put up with the failings of others. The culture says we are to outdo ourselves in whatever way is needed to make our dreams come true. The bible tells us to outdo one another in showing honor. The culture tells us to count our likes and accomplishments, while God call us to count others as more important than ourselves. And when the culture tells us to exalt ourselves, the Bible calls us to crucify self so that Christ can live in you. Teach your kids to live counter-culturally.