The psychiatric care and medical communities are reporting that during the recent Covid pandemic, cases of eating disorders among teenagers and adults have surged. In fact, some practitioners and treatment centers are reporting an almost two-fold increase. Experts note that anxiety and isolation are two factors which contribute to disordered eating. We are told that eating disorders affect at least nine percent of people worldwide. Here in the United States, it is believed that thirty million Americans will deal with disordered eating at some point in their lifetime, and disordered eating causes ten thousand deaths annually. Parents, we encourage you to learn what you can about the signs and symptoms of disordered eating. If you suspect an issue with one of your children. . . young, old, male, or female. . . we recommend that you find a qualified Christian counselor who will counsel your teen and your family. Pray for your children, that they will find their value, worth, and identity in Jesus Christ.