In a recent article in the New York Times, psychologist Adam Grant talked about what he and many others began feeling during the Covid-19 pandemic. Grant says that it wasn’t depression. Rather it was a sense of looking at life through a foggy windshield. It was a sense of being joyless and aimless. As I read Grant’s article I resonated with what he was describing. He went on to put a word to it that I think is a good one. He says that we have been languishing. It’s a sense of stagnation and emptiness. It came on strong for so many of us as we stepped out of the normal rhythms of our daily lives. As I’ve pondered Grant’s article and my own pandemic experience, I realize that the opposite of languishing is flourishing. And the way that we flourish as human beings is to live into our created purpose in a relationship with our Creator. If you are languishing in this season of life, run to Jesus Christ and read the Scriptures. The light of the world will illuminate our lives and our paths.