You’ve no doubt heard the old saying that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Underage drinking has always been an issue in the teenage population, and I remember many of my teenage peers bragging up the success of their willful schemes to secure alcohol. Two of the most popular were the use of fake ID’s, and paying someone older a nice commission to buy the alcohol for them. It seems that in today’s coronavirus world, willing teens have found their way by dressing older and taking advantage of the need to wear masks to appear that they are at or above the legal drinking age. Over the summer, video clips of teens brandishing fake IDs while wearing the disguise of a face-covering mask appeared on Tik-Tok, all of them showing underaged kids securing alcohol illegally. One teen posted, “use your fakes as much as possible because if you wear a mask they can’t see your whole face. LOL.” Parents, be aware of this trend, and talk to your kids about the dangers.