I want to tell you about some fathers and what they did last fall after twenty-three students at a local Shreveport, Louisiana high school were arrested over a three-day span for fighting on campus. A group of parents met after the incidents to form a strategy for combatting violence at the school. After meeting for four hours, the group came up with a plan. Some fathers decided to go to the school to walk around and patrol the hallways, showing a strong and caring male presence at the school. One of the organizers of this Dads on Duty group says this: ‘I don’t care how old you are or what size you are, it’s something about seeing a man, a positive male figure, a father, your daddy whatever you want to call them, at the school. It will make you straighten up and fly right.” These dads have become like cool uncles to the students, and there haven’t been any fights on campus since they started. Adults, God gives us great opportunities to meet the needs in our communities. Why not get involved?