Parents often tell me about the social media and smartphone dilemma they face with their kids. “I don’t want them to be online and getting in trouble,” they say. “But I also don’t want them feeling left out from what all of their peers are doing and experiencing online.” If I may, allow me to give you permission to make a decision that might not only be unpopular with your kids, but which might feel like a decision to undermine their status among their peers. Recent college grad Theresa Olohan wrote a piece for USA Today entitled, “I grew up under a rock. My parents banned social media until I was seventeen I’m glad they did.” Olohan says she felt left out, embarrassed, and envious at the time. But she goes on, “I didn’t know at the time what a blessing it was to enjoy a childhood free of the constraints, anxiety and sadness social media often brings.” She had more time for other things, like face to face interaction. Parents, use wisdom regarding your kids and social media.