With stress and anxiety off the charts among our children and teens, it’s important that we understand some of the more common causes so that we might focus on prevention in order to have to focus less on intervention and treatment. With studies showing that almost one in four kids will experience depression before they are nineteen, we need to know what experts are citing as some of the main causes. First, there’s the pressure to do well at school. Second, school exams are a cause for stress. Kids don’t want to fail or disappoint their parents. Third, there’s peer pressure. There is tremendous pressure to fit in. Fourth, there’s bullying, which has ramped up due to the 24/7 nature of cyber-bullying. Fifth, kids are feeling stress due to world events, including things like war and natural disasters. And finally, there are the stresses related to family difficulties, changes, and breakdown. Parents, be aware of these factors, and point your kids to Jesus and the peace that passes understanding.