Recently, I was chatting with a friend about the never-ending stream of tv commercials for attorneys offering to represent marine corps vets who may be experiencing health issues as a result of time spent at one of the largest marine corp bases in the country. We got to thinking about what the next big issue might be that will be featured in future commercials of this type. My guess is that in a world where parents, schools, and medical professionals are encouraging and facilitating steps for gender transition in children and teens, it will be ads offering to represent those who regret and resent these efforts for the simple reason that they have destroyed their lives. We are now hearing a growing surge of these detransitioning stories. Last month, the high profile story of retired navy seal Chris Beck entered a new chapter, as he is now detransitioning after ten years of transitioning to female. Beck is issuing a loud message for us all: Beck wants it to stop, as these efforts are destroying young lives.