When I was high school, I remember the administration locking all the student bathrooms in an effort to get kids to stop smoking in school. It made for some interesting and difficult days. Recently, school administrators across the country have had to lockdown school bathrooms for a different reason. This time, the problem is disappearing mirrors, soap dispensers, towel holders, and even toilets as students engage in the latest TikTok challenge known as the devious licks challenge. To meet the challenge, students were initially posting videos of themselves vandalizing and stealing items stolen from their school bathrooms. Now, the challenge has ramped up as they steal from other areas of the school, taking signs, desks, and other fixtures while posting those videos with the #deviouslicks. For Christian parents, our role is to be aware of this trend, to teach our kids the way and will of God regarding stealing, and to respond to what they’re posting online.