If you’ve ever been at a loss for how to spark dinner table conversation with your kids, I want to offer a little help. All this week I’m sharing provocative quotes that can spark conversations about the Christian faith and things that really matter. Here’s a quote worth discussing from Rico Tice: “We are the choices that we make.” That’s a reality that all of us should ponder, embrace, and act upon. Share the quote, and then ask family members to think of two examples of how a choice has influenced the direction of their lives. First, think of a good choice that has led into positive spiritual growth. Then, think of a choice that wound up having negative or disastrous consequences. Then, take the time to consider how to make good choices. What are some steps that the Bible tells us will lead to making good choice? Are there traps that we must avoid? With so many voices calling for our allegiance, help your kids hear the life-giving voice of Jesus as guides us into making good choices.