If you’ve ever been at a loss for how to spark dinner table conversation with your kids, I want to offer a little help. All this week I’ve been sharing provocative quotes that can trigger conversations about the Christian faith and things that really matter. Here’s a quote worth discussing from theologian Albert Wolters: “We are to be billboards of the Gospel in the extraordinary ordinariness of our lives.” Wolters reminds us that the Christian faith is not just a Sunday morning venture. Rather, our faith is to inform every nook and cranny and every square inch of life. The Gospel should inform and shape the way they play, the way they study, and the way they engage with others. Are they learning what it means to glorify God by being a good and faithful employee? If they are musicians, are you instructing them how to sing or play to the glory of God. How we live will either bring glory to God, or to the kingdom of the world, the flesh, and the devil. Point your kids in the right direction.