If you’ve ever been at a loss for how to spark dinner table conversation with your kids, I want to offer a little help. All this week I’m sharing provocative quotes that can spark conversations about the Christian faith and things that really matter. Here’s a quote worth discussing from Ravi Zacharias: “The loneliest moment in life is when you have just experienced what you thought would deliver the ultimate – and it has let you down.” That’s a reality that all of us should ponder, embrace, and act upon. Share the quote, and then ask family members to come up with a list of things that promise to fulfill our lives, but never do. Then, take the time to consider why we are so empty and longing for redemption. Discuss how we have been created for a relationship with God, and how sin has broken that relationship and left us looking for God’s love in the wrong places and the wrong kinds of things. With so many voices calling for our allegiance, help your kids hear the life-giving voice of Jesus.