If you’ve ever been at a loss for how to spark dinner table conversation with your kids, I want to offer a little help. All this week I’m sharing provocative quotes that can spark conversations about the Christian faith and things that really matter. Here’s a quote worth discussing from Tim Keller: “Anything that is functionally more important to you than God is an idol. Anything you love more than God – even a good thing like a spouse or a child or social cause – is a false God. Until you can identify your idols you cannot understand yourself. Until you turn from them you can’t know and walk with God.” Parents, our culture throws all kinds of idols at our kids. Idols demand time, attention, and allegiance. But they never can fill the hole in the soul that can only be filled by the one true God. Talk with your kids about the idols that compete for their hearts. Expose their lies and share stories of how you’ve been manipulated and hurt by idols. Teach them to worship only the almighty God!