The Bible tells us about the way things in our world should be. As Christian parents raising teens trying to find their way through a world that’s broken and terribly mixed-up, we are given a responsibility to help them wade through the muck that is, by leading them into an understanding of the way things should be. In Old Testament times, God raised up prophets who were called to do just that. In today’s world, God has given our kids parents who should be doing that job. But how are we to speak prophetically into our kids’ lives? When you discover a cultural lie that your kids are facing or embracing, shed the light of God’s life-giving truth on that lie. A hallmark of Godly parenting is continually assuming the prophetic posture, helping our kids see the difference between the ways of the world and the ways of living according to God’s Kingdom priorities. Of course, remember that to effectively communicate God’s Word, you must first be immersed in God’s Word.