There are many people who wonder if divorce hurts kids. If you’re a child of divorce yourself, you already know the answer. But for those who need to hear the research and hard data, there is mounting evidence that yes, divorce does hurt kids. Researchers at the National Marriage Project have found that many of today’s youth problems can be attributed directly or indirectly, to the decline of marriage. This includes high rates of juvenile delinquency, suicide, substance abuse, child poverty, mental illness, and emotional instability. Research also shows that these issues and problems aren’t unique to the adolescent years. Kids of divorce carry these problems and their fallout all the way through their adult years. So as our society changes, husbands and wives are becoming more committed to being uncommitted. The result is that more and more kids are suffering.  We need to hold to a high view of marriage that reflects God’s priorities for the family. It’s good for the kids.