Culture is catechizing our kids twenty-four seven into beliefs about all matters of life, including sexuality and gender. We know that whoever speaks to a child first on these matters has set the bar for truth. That’s why we want to make you aware of something troubling that happened on a Sunday morning in a Lutheran church in Chicago. On Instagram, the Advocate reports that an openly affirming gay member of the staff dressed in drag and had the children come to the front of the sanctuary where he read a children’s story and then led the kids in prayer. His theme was joy, and he told congregation, “I figured I would put on a dress as many who have inspired me have done. I decided to follow their example, showing that liberation from oppressive laws clears a path for joy.” Parents, are you actively teaching God’s design for sex and gender? True freedom and human flourishing come only by living into God’s will and way for those he has created. Teach your kids the truth!