If Jesus Christ is truly the sovereign lord over all of life, then every activity in which we engage, even the most regular and mundane, are to be seen as an avenue to worship and bring glory to God. One area of life in which I will typically forget this to be the case is my time spent behind the wheel. Yes, we can’t forget that we are indeed called to drive to the glory of God. This is a lesson we need to teach our teens by our example as they are growing up, and as they come of driving age and learn how to operate all the different buttons, knobs, and pedals on a car. One important aspect of this in today’s digital world is to remind them that they should never engage with their smartphones while driving. A recent study found that not only does using a hand-held phone while driving distract drivers, but young and inexperienced drivers are more likely to not only ignore red lights, but to speed, drive drunk, drive without a license, and cut off other drivers. Parents, what are you showing and telling your kids?