Driving to God’s Glory

In our North American culture, one of the only rites of passage we have from childhood to adulthood is the day that teenager passes their driver’s test and gets their driver’s license. As parents, we take the time to ensure that our kids have learned how to drive safely and conduct themselves responsibly before we allow them to take their driver’s test, and we share numerous safe driving reminders every time they head out alone on the road as newly licensed drivers. What we have to remember is that the most impressionable and lasting drivers ed lesson they receive is our example, which they get to watch for well over ten years. What kind of driving example are you putting forth for your kids? Pastor Philip Ryken says that the most useful virtue for driving is patience. He offers this take on Ephesians 4:1-2: I urge you to drive your car worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with other motorists in love. Parents, your kids are watching you!