In centuries past, when puberty arrived at a later age and marriages took place when children were younger, pre-marital sexual temptation was present but not as intense. Kids were able to answer the pressure with some resilience thanks to a commonly-held understanding of sexual parameters, right and wrong, and the expectations of society-at-large. The ever-widening gap between sexual maturity and age of marriage has made it difficult for our kids. Add to that the fact that the wonderful, newfound, and exciting gift of sexuality can be corrupted by a culture that encourages its youngest children to “go for it,” and it’s very, very difficult for our kids. It is crucial that parents understand, teach, and model the biblical perspective of sexuality. In addition, these new cultural realities require parents to speak openly with their children and teens about sexuality in age-appropriate ways. . . even when it makes us feel uncomfortable. Parents, what are you teaching your kids?