Way back in 2007 I remember watching the film Juno, a coming of age comedy and drama about a sixteen year old high school student who finds herself pregnant. The star of the movie was Ellen Page, who at the time was a twenty year old actress. A few years later, in 2014, Page came out as gay and later married dancer, Emma Portner. More recently, in December of last year, Ellen Page announced that she was transgender and was changing her name to Elliot. At the end of March, Page appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, and announced the completion of a surgical procedure to remove Page’s breasts. Then, in late May, Page posted a post-surgery Instagram photo that went viral. Page appeared shirtless, sporting six-pack abs and new body. In today’s rapidly changing youth culture, these high profile stories set the bar for normalcy for our kids. This is why need to re-set the bar according to God’s standards for sexuality and gender. This conversation is one that should be ongoing in our families.