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Resources, links, or other helpful tools mentioned in the podcast:
Dr. Tim Sceggel
@SceggelSpeaks (Dr. Tim Sceggel on Twitter)
Covenant College
Covenant College Sports Camps
Integrating Sports and Faith: In Conversation with Dr. Tim Sceggel (article in byFaith magazine)
The Assist (website) – How Can The Bible Be Practically Applied to Sports?
The Stages of Faith According to James W. Fowler
Exploring Student Experiences of Faith Development Through Intercollegiate Athletic Participation (Dissertation Preview by Tim Sceggel)

Books mentioned or helpful to the conversation:
Season of Life: A Football Star, a Boy, a Journey to Manhood by Jeffrey Marx
Inside Out Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives by Joe Ehrmann
Don’t Waste Your Sports by C.J. Mahaney
The Reason for Sports: A Christian Fanifesto by Ted Kluck
Time Out! The gift or god of Youth Sports by John Perritt
The Assist: A Gospel Centered Guide to Glorifying God Through Sports by Brian Smith

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