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Links to news stories mentioned in the podcast:
Teen artists use selfies to show effect social media has on mental health
YouTube stars more popular than mainstream celebrities among teens
This American Life: Birds & Bees
How to nurture your child’s love of reading
Can Stories Make Us Better?
Weak hands, weak body? Millennials lose grips

Other resources and links:
Dr. Marv Penner (bio)
Digital Kids Initiative
Tackling the Tough Stuff Seminar from CPYU

Books (and DVD) Mentioned:
Order in the CPYU Resource Center and use discount code SHPODCAST to receive 25% off the Marv Penner books and resources listed below:
Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut: Learning to Understand and Help Those Who Self-Injure by Marv Penner
Help! My Kids Are Hurting: A Survival Guide To Working With Students In Pain by Marv Penner
“Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut” Recorded Webinar on DVD (with Marv Penner)

Another Book:
CPYU Highly recommends the book below be purchased through Hearts & Minds Bookstore.

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Cutting by Steven Levenkron

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