The concept of expressive individualism in one that all parents should be aware of, as expressive individualism is a pervasive ideology in today’s world that’s guiding the beliefs and behaviors of our children and teens. Perhaps a better way of saying it is that this ideology is mis-shaping our kids away from who God desires them to be. In a recent article in the 9marks journal, Abigail Dodds explains expressive individualism as holding that each person’s core self is an inner psychological self based on inner feelings and desires that ought to be lived out and expressed. Dodds offers three suggestions about raising children in the midst of this ideology. First, help your kids see that who they are is discernable and given to them by God. It’s not a matter of personal choice. Second, help them to see that they need to focus their thoughts and actions on God and his will. Finally, help them to trust the external reality of God and his Word as the guide for life, rather than their own personal feelings.