Did you know that more than one in three kids eats fast-food on any given day in the United States? One of the reasons for the popularity of fast food among our kids is the successful fast food marketing campaigns targeting impressionable young people. In twenty-nineteen, kids between the ages of two and seventeen saw an average of roughly two fast-food TV ads per day. Only one percent of those ads promoted healthy menu choices. The other ninety-nine percent promoted the full calorie meal options, or the restaurant chain in general. Researchers found that fast-food ad spending targeting black and Hispanic youth increased at the greatest rate. These groups already are at a higher risk for obesity and diet-related diseases. Experts are calling on parents and advertisers to support raising healthy children, especially in this day and age of childhood obesity. Parents, let’s work to teach our kids to make healthy diet choices as a way to honor the Lord by caring for their bodies.