The dictionary defines integrity as “firm adherence to a code of moral values” and “the quality of being complete or undivided.” Integrity describes a life that is united in a complete and consistent whole. An intregrated life is one where words, thoughts and actions consistently reflect the will of God for our lives. It is a life where one’s faith in God is woven in and through every area of life, including all that one does. . . even when no one else is looking. What can we do to counter the loss of integrity in today’s youth culture and lives of our kids? First, take stock of yourself and take corrective action where necessary. Second, map out a lifestyle of 24/7 integrity where your faith intersects with and permeates all of life. Live out your faith in your marriage, vocation, play, media use, sexuality, and conversation. And finally, map out a life of integrity for your kids by pointing out and challenging their duplicity in the context of a loving and supportive relationship.