Late last summer, some very alarming news came out of Scotland that serves as a sign of our times, and as a warning for what’s trending in terms of beliefs and behaviors related to gender. Newsweek reports that Scottish children as young as four years old are now able to change their names and gender at their schools, all without parental consent. The Scottish government issued a seventy-page set of LGBTQ+ inclusivity guidelines, which include urging teachers to ask for and use students’ new names and pronouns. Schools are also being told that students should be allowed to use their preferred bathrooms and locker rooms. Scotland is also integrating more transgender characters into the curriculum, and creating new gender-neutral school uniforms. Parents, we must own the gender conversation and set the bar for biblical truth from a young age. We must teach our kids God’s creational design for the gender binary of male and female, a binary that was affirmed by Jesus in Matthew nineteen four.