Gender Confusion 5

Our friend, Nicholas Black, recently wrote an article for the HarvestUSA ministry that offers wise counsel on what to say when a child or friend expresses gender confusion. This week, I’ve been unpacking Nicholas Black’s five broad principles a parent, pastor, and church can pursue. The fifth and final principle is this: we want to call our friend to bring God into the heart of the situation. Bringing God into the heart of the gender situation is absolutely necessary because this is a spiritual issue, too. The spiritual issue is this: that to go against God’s design and purpose brings about increasing confusion and pain. Bringing God into the situation is to move toward obeying him, even when it is difficult, as we recognize it is. Living into obedience to Christ leads to heart change. As we’ve looked at the gender confusion situation this week, we cannot diminish the reality and difficulty for so many people. But we’ve also recognized God’s good design, order, and provision.