We live in a world where our kids are learning that gender is something that they are free to choose, rather than something that is assigned biologically at birth.  According to Genesis, God has established the gender binary, creating his image-bearers as either male or female. Listen to this statement from the American College of Pediatricians: “Among humans, sex is a dimorphic, innate and immutable trait established at fertilization by sex-determining genes located on the X and Y chromosomes. This sexual dimorphism is genetically programmed and is present in every nucleated somatic cell of the body; sex does not and cannot change.” We want to encourage you to respond with kindness and grace to those who struggle with gender dysphoria. And, we encourage you to teach your children God’s plan to obediently live into their biologically assigned gender. In addition, teach them to see all people as divine-image-bearers who have value, dignity, and worth.