If you have ever looked closely at the ebb and flow of cultural history, you realize that when old values are challenged, the pendulum typically swings too far in the other direction. Recently, many have challenged the old gender-role notion that a girl who loves to play touch football should never be allowed to play with the neighborhood boys. I would argue that this gender role notion is way too restrictive. In fact, I remember some of our best neighborhood players being girls who were girls and are still girls. But in today’s world, the pendulum is swinging in an extreme direction through what’s called gender creative parenting. In essence children are now allowed at even the youngest of ages to make choices that aren’t their choices to make, including embracing transgenderism. As Christian parents, we can’t allow or encourage our young children to freely live outside of the bible’s understanding of what it means to be male and female. Let’s nurture our kids into God’s good order and design.