One of the childbirth realities you might not hear a whole lot about or be familiar with, is that of a child being born as intersex. This is a general term used to describe a variety of conditions where the reproductive anatomy doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of male or female. In these very rare situations, parents and medical personnel face difficult ethical dilemmas. But in today’s rapidly changing ethical landscape, children being born with obvious male or female anatomy are being given gender-neutral names along with an opportunity from mom and dad to grow up and decide their gender designation for themselves. The Scriptures clearly teach God’s created intent, that he makes us male or female. To allow a child to decide for themselves might be culturally cutting-edge, but it isn’t right. In a day and age where kids are being encouraged to decide for themselves, we must teach them that they are either male or female, as determined by God’s good order and design.